My Favorite Mindfulness Books for Children

Children books hold a special place in my heart as I love to read to my son almost every night.

Beyond the typical book

Here is a list of some of my favorite books to promote messages about mindfulness in children:

1. Have You Filled Someone’s Bucket Today? Carol McCloud – An easy read with good examples that illustrate how children can be generous and kind to others. This book is a must read, especially for children under six.

2. Oh, The Places You’ll Go, by Dr. Seuss – Take your little to new places as he follows the beautiful words of Dr. Seuss.

3. Have I Ever Told You How Lucky You Are, by Dr. Seuss – Feeling grateful is such an important message for our little ones, this book helps remind our children about all the wonderful things around them.

4. The Book of Affirmations, Louise Hay – Get some help from Mrs. Hay as she provides ideas to help build your child’s self-esteem.

5. The Way I Feel, by Janan Cain – Children often need words that can help them describe their emotions. This book shows how each emotion looks like with beautiful images that my son loves to follow -even with eight years of age.

Each one of these books focuses on a unique message that I find so important; from being generous, and curious to feeling grateful and giving a name to the emotions that they are feeling. They are not only well written, they are also beautiful. On nights when my son wants to cuddle, I get to read some of these books to him before going night-night (for the 100th time!).

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