Mind and Body in Harmony

Another school year begins, and our mind and body are slowly adjusting to the new rhythm of things.

One of the best ways to recharge after busy day is through meditation. For moms who haven’t tried meditating, the practice is easier than it may sound. In essence, meditating helps us quiet our minds from the noise around us or inside ourselves.

It takes practice to get used to sitting still. If you are a beginner, take ten minutes and sit still early in the morning before getting out of bed, you can also do it before going to bed at night. Just be sure not to fall asleep! Close your eyes and scan your emotions. Let your breathing slow down… in and out.

There is no rule as to what you do once you close your eyes, the key is that you focus on your breath. As you take deep slow breaths, your mind will slowly start calming down. Try not to chase after any idea, just focus on your breath. Feel the air travelling down from your nostrils all the way down to your lungs, then back out through the nostrils.

After a few weeks of daily practice, you’ll start to notice that you emerge refreshed from those few minutes of silence. As you become more comfortable with your practice, you might want to increase the amount of time you spend meditating. Your body will feel lighter and less tense.

To your meditation success!

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