A reflection for the new year

Chicken soup by the beach? I didn’t plan to be under the weather during my short stay in Punta Cana but I came down with a bad cold that attempted to ruin my year-end celebration. Paradise was right in front of me, yet I couldn’t get out of bed.

I had my bag with medication, you know, the ‘just in case’ pack that my fiancé brilliantly thought of bringing (I mostly prepared for the fun times). With a little bit of those meds and a lot of faith I laid in my bed and prayed, and meditated, and focused my energies on getting better, period. Everything I teach my clients, I practice. Suffice it to say, I probably had the best time during the last two days, AFTER the cold hit. Perspective? Attitude? Intention? YES.

I felt the need to appreciate my time there… Perhaps it was the recognition of the limit in terms of timing, there was no time to waste: “Make an effort, don’t let your symptoms take over your body,” such was the conversation that I had with myself. I also had some healthy green juice, loaded with antioxidants as well as some hearty chicken soup.

All of those made me wake up and get my body, mind and spirit aligned. I’m starting the new year with excitement and joy but also with faith that what is meant for me to fulfill I will embrace with laughter… Always laughing from the inside out. Here’s to the BEST year yet.

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Adacelis (Ada) Pérez is the self-published author of Anxious Mom, Anxious Child: A Mother’s Journey from Anxiety to Serenity, and Certified Life Coach and Book Writing Consultant. She is based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

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