The Question we Should Ask

The other day I was having a heart-to-heart chat with my son, one of those where one can get a bit emotional. 

As moms we care deeply about our children and we show how much we care about them in every way. We are attentive to their needs at home and at school, and it shows. We adore them. 

I know that my son adores me back and I’m so grateful. However, sometimes our children are feeling a bit “off…” They may not even understand what to call what they are feeling.

So here’s something to consider: Have you wondered how your children would show up in the world if they were able to easily understand their feelings and emotions? And not just the happy emotions, but the challenging ones, too. I help my clients have these conversations with their children, and I guide them so they can ask questions like: “how is your heart doing?” 

As parents, we can teach our children how they can understand their emotions by encouraging them to share their feelings. Listen patiently, open our heart, and connect with our little ones. Who better to help guide them about matters of the heart?

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Adacelis (Ada) Perez, Author, Speaker and Mindful Communication Expert.

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