The Picasso Inside: A Mom’s Night Out

Painting for fun can offer a much needed break for Moms.

I recently visited Paint with a Twist in Chamblee, Dunwoody for the first time for a mom’s night out with two girlfriends. I’d always enjoyed painting but hadn’t done it in so long. The date was set for a Friday night and I thought it was a bit of a stretch coming after a full week of activities with my son.

The painting teacher for the evening had a plan for the students: the martini glass. At first we thought we’d go with our own version of the martini glass. But, in the end two of us decided to go with a different idea. We’d go for trees! The results? Well, you be the judge (picture below).  It was a fun time.

Making an effort and taking time away from my parenting duties reminded me of the importance of taking time for ourselves. Moms too, deserve a break. I know you’ve heard this a thousand times, but how often do you endulge? When is the last time that you flew a kite or go for a stroll by the river?

My two friends are looking for a home for their painting. Mine is waiting for the ideal spot. Admittedly, my painting could use an upgrade, so I could be back soon with that very painting in hand.

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