Sharing Your Screen

This week I was reminded how tricky it can be to balance our children’s access to technology devices. We must establish limits, no doubt.

In my book, Anxious Mom, Anxious Child, A Mother’s Journey from Anxiety to Serenity, I talk about the importance of being ‘vigilant’ and not ‘vigilante’ when it comes to our children’s access to mobiles and tablets. While it might be hard to make our children understand the dangers of “staying connected,” we should avoid the constant battle over who is in control, and balance their experience when they are using their technology devices.

I read a few great suggestions about how to manage access to technology devices in a recent article by Healthy Children.

Sharing your screen with your children is an idea that I loved from this article. Instead of having their time with the screen be an “alone time,” we can participate in our children’s games, asking that they share their screen. We can also promote the use of games that are constructive, and educational such as Chess. There are plenty of apps that promote games and puzzles – allowing children to play with other friends through their platform.

Vigilant but not vigilante! I’m up for sharing screens, if I can just convince my son to let me play. ?

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