If you are looking for a personal coach that can lead you to achieving better results in your personal and professional life, someone that can help you slow down and gain clarity so that you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling abundant in every area of your life, you’ve come to the right place.


Here’s what some of my clients have to say about my work:

What challenges did you have to face before working with Ada?

“Being a patient wife & mom, doing well at work, being a good friend. Given my full schedule, my anxiety made it difficult to think clearly when addressing specific situations.”

– Elizabeth, Executive Communications Manager, Atlanta.

“Ada helped me focus my energies into creating, exploring, defining new entrepreneurial ideas for a new business.

-Valerie, Project Manager, Consulting Company, Atlanta.

What are the results you’ve seeing after working with Ada?

“Most of the time, I pause and take a moment to calm down before reacting. My morning routine is planned to help me emotional and mentally prepare for the day. I just had two extremely stressful days… I believe I survived because I was able to… remain calm.”

-Elizabeth, Executive Communications Manager, Fortune 500 Company in Atlanta.

“Ada helped me get over my great fear of asking people for information on any idea I was researching, and she helped me feel more confident.”

-Valerie, Project Manager, Consulting Company based in Atlanta.

What are you waiting for?

Breathe Life Strategies is at its core about helping you slow down so that you can tap into your inner guide to find balance and harmony every day. How do we do that? By taking you through a system that has been proven to work, a system that can help you get crystal clear about blocks that are stopping you from getting where you want to be, where we develop a clear strategy or a roadmap to accomplish your personal goals. I’m your biggest cheerleader, but I will also point out the areas in your life where you must make changes in order to see results.

As a partner to my clients, I provide tools that help you get to a place of free-flow, where creativity can flourish. If you’ve been struggling with stress and anxiety or have been feeling overwhelm, and need help putting yourself first to create the life you want, getting started is the first step.

Take Action

Let’s face it. We all can use a little help to get things done sometimes. We are busy and sometimes feel stuck in the same pattern. That thing that keeps showing up which you haven’t resolved, a reminder of the task that you need to get done, a hobby that you want to pursue, a change in your career that you can’t seem to find time to explore.

Sometimes we can get distracted and with time we feel overwhelmed, and almost confused, but we keep going, and the solution to our challenge continues to sit in the back burner.

Choose to say yes to your transformation, reach out to find out more about my programs:

  • Find Your Flow and Create the Life You Want: Get to the root of what’s stopping you from achieving success in every level of your life, and start seeing measurable results in your every day routine.

Learn more about how I’ve changed my life and have helped women find their flow in the “About Ada” section.

Perhaps you are ready to make a change in your career, start your own business or even write the book of your dreams? If so, let’s talk. Send me an email to: info@adacelisperez.com and schedule your free consultation today.