When it’s Time to Move

I’m sure that you’ll agree with me: Mondays are never easy. 

We are sluggish from the weekend of fun and we are not looking forward to getting back to our weekday mundane routine. My Monday has been especially “unique” because I’ll be moving to a new area of town in a couple of weeks. The move is shifting things for me in more than one way… With moving comes taking things out of the closets, packing them up, thinking what to do with those things that we are no longer going to need and putting up for sale some of those items. 

Then comes the part where we give away a whole lot of wonderful things that we used to enjoy. The process of going through those things that we use to enjoy but no longer need is making me and my son go through our things with a different “set of eyes.” Keep, or toss? Keep, or give away? My son is moving swiftly, it doesn’t take him long to decide which items will be better used by someone else. 

A bag is already full of stuffed animals, the chance to “make a child happy,” as my son would say. And so, today I’m trying to move as fast as he does but I get stuck in the memories, the connection to those things that remind me of my past. I love the home that I’m leaving behind, and the process can be emotional, but I’m choosing to focus on what’s next and cherish the beauty in all of these things that have adorned our lives in one way or another. 

With the new comes a different appreciation of the old, looking to experience new adventures, a new beginning. I love that my son gets the picture of it all, he is excited about the move, and so am I: If only I can get faster at packing. 

Adacelis (Ada) Pérez is the author of Anxious Mom, Anxious Child: A Mother’s Journey from Anxiety to Serenity.

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