Fall Colors Everywhere

The leaves are starting to fall and it finally feels like the new season is here. My son still likes it when I read a book for him at night and I like to pick books that have beautiful images, especially nature images. I cherish the moments when he listens attentively to my stories and likes to read some (if not all) the books that I choose. The other day I picked up a book called: “Why the leaves change colors?” by Betsy Maestro, and I learned a few things. Like for example, that some of the pigments on the leaves like the yellow and orange pigments, are in the leaves all along.

The green fades, letting other colors shine through

It made me think about the various colors mothers hold inside. Have you let yours shine lately? Perhaps now is a good time to change with the season, do things a little different, take on a new hobbie, or replace an old habit with a new one.

Perhaps it could be something as simple as taking an evening walk with your child, enjoying a cup of your favorite tea or burning a candle to take in its aroma. I’m getting ready to burn a vanilla reed diffuser that I got as a gift from a friend recently. That’s a first for me, I got it as a gift from my friend. The idea of trying something different seems quite appropriate. If anything, it’ll be a good thing to try something new, change is in the air: just like the colors of the season.

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