2019: Here I come!

The new year is here and I’m so excited to get my new projects for 2019 off the ground. From personal plans to professional projects, there is a lot that I want to get to, just in the next few weeks. As I sat down to make my list of top priorities I thought about the key areas that I’d like to get better at.

There are many plans and I have a long list of resolutions for the new year. When I have my quiet moments of reflection, I am reminded that at the top I should place HEALTH, the state of my physical body, so that I’m ready to face challenges that the new year might bring.

Then there is PEACE, the state of the body that you can’t touch – the spirit, for it is through a more serene, peaceful and loving existence that we can fully embrace life’s many blessings. Success is often defined by the amount of assets that we have garnered, but the truth is that true success comes when you feel completely at ease with yourself.

Feeling aligned, and “on purpose” should be one of our priorities, for those of us who have found our mojo and feel aligned with our purpose there is a certain sense of assurance, however, there is so much work to be done. Can we envision what the next step is? And how will we get there? Those are some of the questions that I’m asking myself this week, at the start of this new year.

The new year invites us to reset, revamp our old ways and take on a new challenge, or two… Perhaps you want to feel more balanced and reduce the stress of your daily routine, maybe you want to launch your own business, or write a book. Perhaps you need to allow yourself to dream up a new project for yourself.

What are your new year resolutions? Here’s a to a healthy and peaceful start of this new year. ~

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